A Tea Garden for the day


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I felt quite nostalgic this weekend, staying at a gorgeous boutique B&B called Fairview, located in the Garden Route. Throughout my childhood, my parents often brought us here to visit our good family friends that run this authentic homestead.

With it's high ceilings, genuine wooden floors, quirky and vintage details - it is rich with history and full of culture. A tranquil and refreshing setting.

We were lucky enough to be there when Papa Benks, as we affectionately call him, opened up his magnificent garden to the public. People streamed in all day to appreciate his many hours of hard work and delight in all that the garden had to offer. Which included cakes and treats made by Nelleke Elston, from Of the earth catering. She is a very good friend of mine and incredibly talented chef.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or greater turn out. All in all, it was a major success!

Rainbow Photo Art

This was by far one of my favorite projects. With some wire, sunlight liquid, a tripod and a bit of patience, you can create these psychedelic  images that look like rainbows on steroids. It took a bit of tweaking, but I eventually got the hang of it. The colours are just insane! You can do it too. Just bend a piece of wire into a loop, dip into some water mixed with sunlight liquid, move it in some light until you see the rainbows form. Swirl a toothpick through the soap to create new patterns. Happy "painting"!

soap project DSC_3465.jpg

Monochromatic vineyard

I've been wanting to play around with black and white for a while. A pipeline project, is to shoot in black & white the whole day. I find shadows and light can become become so striking in monocrome, and convey a certain amount of moodiness / emotion that colour dosn't. I resisted the urge to leave the greens and yellows like I normally do with vineyard shots, and turned them into hard and sharp black and whites, this was the result :)

Summer sun

The smell of lavender, sunscreen and braai wafting through my house, makes me super happy and at ease. Summer time is arriving, and I'm so excited. I snapped some pics in my garden just as the sun was setting last night. It was a stunning, 32 degree, breathless evening, quite magical really.

In the second image, I played around with some back lighting on the tree, I like how it turned out, I think be doing some more of that. Yay for the beginning of many warm, gorgeous summer nights, braais and flip flops!

A weekend at the beach...

I've taken on the challenge to shoot much more with my camera on a day to day basis, rather than using the convenient one on my phone.  I'm now constantly on the lookout through my day to day life to capture something wonderful. Life kind of stands still for a bit, as I take the time to stop and compose an image, or practise some action shots of kids playing, and it's sparking my creativity while I try out a new angle or a new subject. I think this will be a fun journey, and produce some photos that I'll treasure for ever.

Last weekend at Pearly beach I had my camera ready and got to capture a friend's little one's first trip to the beach. Squealing with delight, her toes scrunched into the sand, continuing to eat mouthfuls of it. Precious little girl!

Olivia chatting away as she pours more sand in her mouth. The cutest little sand covered toes. Fascinated with the stuff.